Mt. Unzen School Field Trip






I apologize for the delay in updating my blog recently. I am currently settled in the dorm, but the internet does not work so well and it has been a little challenging to do things that involve the internet. Today I want to talk a little about the school field trip I went on to Mt. Unzen and the hot springs. The first weekend upon arrival in Nagasaki we had an overnight school field trip that was unbelievably amazing. :) On our drive to Mt. Unzen we stopped first at Chijiwa rest stop that had quite an amazing view. I also tried something called Jyagachan which is basically a fried potato and they put it in this cute container on top of a cup of iced green tea.

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From there we went to lunch and right next to where we ate there were some houses that had been partially buried and preserved from when the volcano errupted.


1282 - Copy - Copy volcano

When then went to the Mt. Unzen Disaster Memorial and learned about the history of  Mt. Unzen volcano erruptions.

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The next stop was Shimabara Castle and the Buke-yashiki Samurai Homes. The whole area was beautiful and I loved walking through the neighborhood where the Samurai homes were located.

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castle 1315 - Copy

The hotel that we stayed at was Unzen Kyushu Hotel. I wasn’t able to go into the hotsprings sadly because of my tattoos, but I did do a lot of exploring around the hotel checking out all of the geysers and the shrine.

hotel hotel 2 geyser tanuki hotel 1 cat 1394 1402 shrine 5 shrine 8 shrine 9



I purchased a boiled egg from that was boiled in the hot springs and it was so good!


Then dinner and breakfast in the hotel was also amazing!

food 1411


The last day we hiked up Mt. Myoken. It was the steepest hike I have ever done. You can tell how high I am from the pictures. You just know you are up high when you see clouds behind you at your same level.

moken 3 1444 myoken 1441

And of course I always have to share my meals >.< Here was lunch on the last day on the way home:

food 2