That bird stole your ice cream!!






So I went on a school field trip last weekend to some famous churches in the area and some small musuems that had to do with the Satome area and hidden Christian artifacts. We stopped at this scenic rest stop and I decided to buy a soft serve ice cream. I was pleasantly enjoying my treat when I feel a sudden breeze by my ear and it felt like someone hit my hand and I look down and my ice cream is gone and my friend is shouting, “OMG THAT BIRD TOOK YOUR ICE CREAM!!!” and I looked up and saw one of the Falcon-like birds (Japanese black kite-they are huge) flying off with my ice cream. It dropped it and it flew back down to get it. >.< This was so shocking and hilarious at the same time! I don’t think I will ever forget it! I wish I had a picture. I was super sad about my ice cream and had to go get another one lol! The lady at the stand when I told her in Japanese that the bird stole my ice cream she didn’t seem too surprised- it must happen a lot! I keep trying to take a picture when I see Kites but they are always too fast.