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Crissy Baker


Texas State University, San Marcos

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Tanzania (Summer)

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Hello! I’m Crissy, a senior at Texas State University. I live in the great city of Austin, Texas where I work with an amazing organization helping children. After being a part-time college student for many years, I’ve almost reached my goal of completing my Bachelor’s degree before age 30. Although it has taken me significantly longer than most to finish college, I am certain that what I am studying is my purpose in life and, along the way I have gained invaluable life experience.

After completing my Associate’s Degree in Education, I decided to change my major to International Studies. This was inspired by my life-long affinity for African cultures. Although I have spent years with diverse African people living in the US, my real desire is to be fully emerged into the culture of East Africa. In 2011, I traveled to Tanzania to begin learning Swahili, the most commonly spoken native language throughout Africa. The experience was amazing and solidified my future goals. Since it is my plan to live and work in East Africa, knowledge of Swahili is vital to my success. This summer I will be returning to Tanzania to complete my language lessons, and work as an intern teaching English in an orphanage. After graduation, I plan to combine my love for children, education and Africa by teaching children in East Africa.


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