Here I go…





Packing your home for a move can be stressful, packing for an extended trip abroad can be stressful, but packing for the two simultaneously is pure torture. Thankfully, I have some amazingly kind friends that have helped me prepare for this trip. As I write this, I am lounging inside New York City’s infamous JFK airport, sipping coffee and getting a great fix of people-watching. Of course, my mind is racing.  What did I forget? In which bag did I pack my toothbrush? Is my dog concerned that I’ve not yet returned home? These amongst infinite other thoughts are keeping me well alert. I am excited to be returning to Tanzania. My first trip was during the summer of 2011 for Swahili lessons. This time I will be increasing my language skills and completing an internship. The anxiousness that accompanied me last time has greatly diminished. Although the school location has moved, and I have not yet met my host family or classmates, I am confident that everything will be smooth. With just over 24 hours before I land in Dar es Salaam, I shall indulge in the greasy and refrigerated foods that are ubiquitous throughout the well-industrialized world.