Wondering down unknown streets can lead to some of the most wonderfully random events.





   After successfully applying for a new passport, Kelsey and I ventured through the neighborhood in search of food. We found ourselves in a place offering much more than a warm meal. As we sat eating our kuku na wali (chicken and rice) we witnessed what appeared to be a completive dance team practicing their routing on a nearby stage. There were 5 guys and 1 girl and they were dancing their hearts away to various Micheal Jackson songs. After finished our meal we decided to get closer to the stage. As I looked around the place I was trying to figure out exactly what kind of establishment we were at. There were several buildings, a huge stage, a kitchen, and a large open area that would be great for hosting parties. As I looked to the left I say a young man making screen print t-shirts. “Young, Gifted and Black” was the print he was working with. Just yesterday I saw someone wearing this exact shirt so I decided to go ask to buy one. Since the guy making them didn’t handle sales, he referred me to the manager, Edo. Edo became the manager of the establishment, New Msasani Club after his father passed away last year. As he explained his vision for the place I became very impressed. Rather than just managing a restruant, Edo is creating a movement. The dancers we saw are currently competing on a “Dance Mia Mia” a television show similar to ‘So You Think You Can Dance’. The dancers are provided with bus fair and food each day they come to the practice. The t-shirt printing operation is titled ‘B.A.W.A’ short for Black Africans with Arts. The venue also has a private conference hall that is rented out for private events. Edo and I talked about the great potential of the place ad decided that once I return to the states I will do work on some PR campaings for New Msanani Club.

Outside the B.A.W.A. (Black Africans with Arts) T-shirt shop.

My friend, Jemshid, sporting his shirt by B.A.W.A..