Decolonial journey through Denmark

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Photo of ships being built to preserve and understand the Vikings. Like in Hawaiʻi, land based practiced are being revived in Denmark.

In Native Hawaiian culture, a sense of accountability to our natural resources and each other is prioritized above all else. I found a very similar set of values in Denmark, where it is common to hear citizens, politicians, and organizations speak about their commitment to the environment and social trust. Unfortunately, though, since Hawaiʻi is militarized and culturally dominated by the US, sustainability and strong community bonds are often conceptual and not actually experienced. So, going to Denmark gave me the opportunity to see “what is possible” for Hawaiʻi when the native people are no longer marginalized in our own home. A part of my accountability to my land and people is sharing what I’ve learned with them and helping others travel abroad rather than using the experience for personal enrichment.

Thank you, FEA, for contributing to this process of education. To reach many others trying to decolonize their lands and minds, I was motivated to create a website to assist them in traveling in a non-extractive, individualistic manner. Below are links to each post on the website, which will continue to grow. Mahalo (thank you)!