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Maise Rashid


University of Texas at San Antonio

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Italy (Fall)

Journal Entries

Nov 30th 2018

Italian Football

Nov 30th 2018

London To Jordan

Nov 08th 2018

Sienna and Florence

Oct 30th 2018

Second Family

Oct 15th 2018

Fall Break Baby

Oct 03rd 2018

The city within the city

Sep 20th 2018

Kite Festival Vlog

Sep 09th 2018

The Brick City

More About This Scholar

Hello in your host country language: Ciao
University: University of Texas at San Antonio
Expected graduation year: 2018
Destination: Urbino, Italy
Program Provider: University Sponsored
Major / Minor: Architecture
Demographic background: First-generation, Middle Eastern-American
Future career aspirations: Architect
Top 3 goals for study abroad: To study European Architecture; To study Italian Urbanism; To investigate how the typology of architecture influences the people and their social interactions.


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