The Brick City






It has been eight days since I have arrived at the beautiful city of Urbino, located north east of Italy. My first expression of Urbino was astonishing. I was amazed by the beauty of the nature, everywhere you look you see majestic mountains, the paved steep roads that serve as connections, the amazing brick architecture, and pedestrian life that never sleeps, also not to forget the amazing Italian food.

Our school housing is located near the “Palazzo Della Repubblica” which is in the center of Urbino. The geographic placement allows for the opportunity to explore the city from the inside out, since our campus is located on the outer ring of the city. Inner Urbino consists of multiple story 18th century or older buildings placed closely apart, with narrow steep streets in between are always filled with pedestrians walking and store fronts on each side occupied by people sitting drinking their espresso or eating a pizza. As for where campus is located it is full of green hills and mountains. A beautiful scenery to enjoy.

Urbino has a population of 15,000 people, and since it is a university city as well it also houses 15,000 students from all over. The narrow streets shielded by buildings allow us to spontaneously meet people and socialize with them, whether is it by the gelato place located in the Palazzo Della Repubblica, or a small alleyway with a small bar.

Within this first week, I have had the opportunity to visit the cities of Pesaro, Fano, and Bologna. It is amazing how these cities are so close in distance yet so different. Pesaro and Fano are located by the Adriatic Sea west of Italy, as for bologna which located near the center has a completely different sense to it. It is great exploring what each city is known for and how differently people behave within them due to these changes.