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South Korea (Summer)

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Dec 17th 2014

Jeju Getaway

Jul 28th 2014


Jul 28th 2014

Hangang (Han River)

Jul 16th 2014

Dongdaemun Design Plaza

Jul 11th 2014


Jul 04th 2014

Korean Food

Jun 20th 2014

Korean Class

Jun 13th 2014

5 Must Haves in Seoul

Jun 02nd 2014


More About This Scholar

Annyeonghaseyo! My name is Kathy Tran. I am a Multi-Disciplinary Design student at the University of Utah. In addition to my studies I am a Diversity Scholar and a member of the Asian American Student Association on campus. Coming from a first generation Vietnamese immigrant family, I am the very first child to attend college and definitely first to study abroad. I have a love for pursuing many different experiences ranging from playing lacrosse, to creating chalk murals at festivals, and exploring world cultures. Some things you may find on my resume are various volunteer positions, athletics, and club memberships. Now it is time for me to explore cultures outside of my own identity.

This summer I will be attending Seoul National University in their 10-week Korean Language Program. My interest in South Korea stemmed from being exposed to Korean media and learning about its technological advancements. During my time in Seoul, I have decided to stay with a host family. Through this experience, I will be able to learn about Korean culture more in depth and will constantly interact in Korean. Along with my daily 4-hour language class, I will be serving with Seoul Bean, a volunteer group that socializes with orphaned children while teaching them english. While attending SNU, I look forward to meeting other international students, serving the community, and interacting in Korean with native speakers.


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