Clips from my first week in Vietnam

Even with all the planning I’ve done over the past few months, things get hectic when it actually happens. For the past three weeks I’ve been in Vietnam to visit my family. Vietnam’s climate is very different from Utah. It is very hot and humid (60-70% humidity). Whereas, Utah does get hot but humidity is always under 40%. In the area my family is located, living standards are very different. Things aren’t as modern and people are okay with having bugs everywhere. When I arrive in South Korea, I will be expecting infrastructure and living standards to be very different. 

Of course my last week before heading to South Korea has been the busiest. Took a trip to my dad’s hometown in the countryside and a beach trip. Hence the late pre-departure post. Before I officially start my 10 week Korean language at Seoul National University, I want to have some goals written in stone so I can’t forget them and/or back down from them.

 Educational Goals

Objectives that SNU sets up for students.

Students with no prior knowledge of Korean learn how to manage basic everyday situations in Korea.

o   Students learn how to read Korean characters (hangul) accurately

o   Students learn basic structure of Korean language to understand and use short sentences

o   Students will learn Korean with a focus on language functions and tasks needed in everyday life such as greeting, introducing themselves, ordering food, buying things, make telephone calls, using public transportation, and inviting guests.

o   Students will learn basic Korean culture needed in everyday life such as Korean food and titles

·      Be able to carry a quality conversation in Korean

·      Get through the language program with high marks

·      Participate in meaningful service learning activities

Personal Goals

·      Try everything whether it is food or an activity even if it turns out bad

·      Meet lots of people: locals and international students

·      Travel to at least one other province

We’ll see in ten weeks or so if I have accomplished my goals. Off I go to an environment that is very different from Vietnam and Utah.