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Eric Beeler


George Washington University

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China / UK (Semester)

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Mar 06th 2017

British Slang 101

Feb 10th 2017

Cheers to the Queen

Nov 14th 2016

Shanghai Disneyland

Nov 01st 2016

Winter is Here

Oct 15th 2016

Settling In

Aug 31st 2016

Ready to Jetset

More About This Scholar

Hello in your host country language: 你好 (Nǐ hǎo)
University: The George Washington University
Expected graduation year: 2018
Destination: China / UK
Program Provider: Direct exchanges; Minzu University (ACC) / King’s College London
Major / minor: International Affairs – International Economics Concentration
Language of study, if any: Mandarin Chinese
Housing: Dorm
Demographic background: Jewish, LGBT, Cherokee
Future career aspirations: Finance in NYC or Public Service


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