Winter is Here






Happy Halloween… it’s officially freezing winter-time in Beijing now. Today was roughly 40ish degrees F (about 4.5ish degrees C). However, in China, the entire country doesn’t turn on the heat until a specific government-mandated date. It doesn’t matter where you live, how rich you are, or anything… the heat literally doesn’t turn on. This year… the date is November 15. Until then, we will turn the AC on to the highest setting of 86 degrees F (about 30 degrees C) since it’s much warmer than the outdoors.

Besides from the chilly winter… here’s some more updates:

Beijing Spartan Race (Oct 30):

Over the weekend, I decided to be extremely brave and I signed-up for the Spartan Race in Beijing. Honestly, I was so scared… because it’s notorious for being once of the most insane obstacle races around (never was brave enough to sign-up in the USA). And, worst of all, its freezing here, so the obstacles (most of which involved water, mud, and running long distances) were going to be rough.

Well, as you can tell by me writing this… I survived. Not only did I survive, but I finished the race. Despite possibly getting frostbite all over my body and being extremely sore as I write this, I can’t believe I did it. You know that feeling you get in your stomach, especially when there’s a really tough obstacle or something that you get past, and you just feel incredible? Yes, that’s how I felt.

spartan1spartan2 spartan3


My. New. Obsession. Chinese food delivery (or in Chinese Wai Mai 外卖). It is the most incredible system ever invented. It’s literally cheaper than eating in the restaurant, they deliver directly to your door in 30ish minutes, and you can order anything you can possibly dream of eating. Especially with the cold now (See the trend? I’m not exactly very fond of cold weather.), it’s so convenient. So, if I come back from my study abroad 50 pounds heavier… you now know why.

What’s happening down the road? Last week was our midterm exams, so we just finished half the semester. I’ll be studying a bunch this week, going on a Chinese-styled “safari” this weekend near the Great Wall, traveling to Shanghai Disneyland next weekend, and hopefully visit Cambodia and Thailand after my program officially ends. Lots to look forward to, and only about a month and a half left here in Asia… then off to London!