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Ghana (Summer)

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Hello, my name is Darius Carey. I am currently a senior at the Metropolitan State University of Denver with plans to graduate in the fall of 2014. I am a double major in the fields of Africana Studies and Sociology. My current research interests are African Diaspora History and Sociology of Sport with an emphasis on race, class and gender. As both and African American and a scholar I am excited for my trip to Ghana. I will finally get to see places and experience cultures that I have read so much about. More importantly I am looking to expand my horizons beyond what is familiar and grow as a person. I am the oldest of four children and growing up with a single mother didn’t offer many travel opportunities, let alone international travel. For my first trip outside of the U.S, I can’t imagine a place more fitting than Ghana. Studying at the University of Ghana will also give my academic outlook a new perspective. I couldn’t be more excited to spend this summer exploring a new city, learning a new language, eating a lot of plantains and spicy foods, and really immersing myself in the Ghanaian culture.


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