Pre-Departure tips




5 Tips for preparing to study abroad to Ghana

1. Make sure you have all the proper travel documents. This includes passport, visas and proof of Yellow Fever Vaccination. All of these items are required for entry into Ghana and will be asked for upon arrival.

2. Medications. It is important to have the proper medications when traveling to Ghana. This is not limited to any required/recommended vaccinations but also household medications such as Advil, Pepto Bismol etc… It is also handy to have a small safety kit in your luggage. 

3. Packing. This seems like the most obvious, but is also the one that is the easiest to put off. You want to make sure you have adequate clothing (pants and long sleeves are the best), as well a raincoat( if you are traveling during the summer, as it is the RAINY season), and any comfort items such as snacks, laptop, or books/e-reader.

4.Don’t forget that it is a STUDY abroad program. While you will have lots of fun, you will be also required to do some work as well. When packing make sure you have enough school supplies and order any books that may be needed in the states as alot of the textbooks will not be available here and it will be very expensive to ship. 

5. Finally, learn a few phrases or words in Twi before coming. Ghana is a english speaking country but they also speak several local languages with Twi being the most common. They may laugh at your pronunciation but they will appreciate the effort and will even teach you more.