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Charles Bollig


University of Colorado, Denver

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Taiwan (Spring)

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Da jia hao! Wo shi Charles, laizi Denver, Colorado. Hello, everybody! My name is Charles. I’m from Denver, Colorado. Currently, I’m studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Colorado, Denver. At any given time, you will likely find me in one of two places: the engineering computer lab on the UCD campus, “zoned in” to some complicated engineering project, or at my kickboxing gym.
Living outside of a “comfort zone” opens the mind and heart, allowing personal development and growth within an individual. The opportunity to study abroad is priceless, beyond measure. To me, this is particularly true. Believe it or not, I lived in China for a short period of time. While there, I learned the language and became enthralled with the culture, people, and pace of life. I came back to the U.S. to study, but I always knew that I would make my way back to that area of the world, one day.
Well, that day is nigh! I plan to study abroad in Taipei, Taiwan at National Taiwan University during the Spring and Fall of 2016. While in Taiwan, I will be attending classes following my regular engineering curriculum, but with a twist: The majority of my classes will be taught in Mandarin! Fun stuff, right!? I’m excitedly anticipating, once again, being immersed in Chinese culture (The food! Oh, man!). For me, being able to study in Mandarin will be an invaluable experience towards the direction I want to dedicate my life. For now, this planet is the only one the human race can exist upon. For humanity to survive into the future, the perceived boundaries that separate groups of people must erode. Humans must come together despite language barriers and other minor ‘gaps’ that hinder mutual understanding. I see my future role in helping to ‘bridge those gaps.’


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