Taiwan – Tainan Pizza Party!





As I mentioned in my previous post, one of my primary reasons for traveling to Tainan was to participate in the party to congratulate my friend on opening a new pizza restaurant.


This is him, pictured above. The name of the restaurant is called “No Q Pizza” (in that you don’t have to queue up to purchase a slice). If you are ever in the south of Taiwan, make sure to take the time to visit the restaurant (They are soon to have two in Tainan and one in GaoXiong). The pizza is amazing! True authentic, American-style pizza!


Referencing to a previous post about entrepreneurial ambitions in this area of the world, this opening of the pizza restaurant is another fine example. Started by a team of American guys that were tired of waiting for what life you bequeath to them, they decided to take control of their own destinies. In just these few short months, I’ve met more than several individuals that are on the same path. Another group, owners of the “Against the Wall” photography studio, painted a similar picture. After setting up their studio in the Ximen district of Taipei, and after 4 years of professionalism and hard work, they have managed to become one of the pre-eminent business-service photographers in Taipei. With cusomters like Red Bull and Asus, one of the owners mentioned how he has achieved the “American Dream” in Taiwan. Meeting and seeing people like this only encourages my own aspirations.

Anyway, back to the party.


Fun was had by all. I have become fairly accustomed to drinking 高粱 when left with few other options, so guess what I was drinking… :) Besides, studies have shown that people that regularly indulge in a drink, or two, live longer, healthier, and happier lives.


In my joyful (drunk) state, I got into a, surprisingly, serious conversation with the owners in ways to expand their business and attract new customers. One of my strategies was to diversify the menu: the dessert pizza was born! It will take a bit more tweaking, but I like to think I directly contributed to the business, in its infancy, that will, one day, make these guys millionaires.


One final plug: There is an Israeli restaurant in Tainan that is absolutely AMAZING. Can’t be bothered to research the name, but make sure you go there on your trip through Tainan!


Cheers, until next time!