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Amber Kennedy


Albany State University

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China (Summer)

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Hello! My name is Amber Kennedy and I love to write. I am currently a junior studying Mass Communication with a concentration in Journalism, at the “Unsinkable” Albany State University. My major mirrors my interests in life flawlessly – communication and culture. The two intertwine so seamlessly they are nearly impossible to separate. With the help of the FEA scholarship and ASU’s China Study Abroad Program at Xiamen University this summer, I will have the opportunity to enhance both my communication skills and my cultural understanding. I will take International Journalism and apply the skills I acquire in that course to an Internship course, where I will work with current employees of the Chinese media. These courses will help me gain admittance into the world of business and communication, where America and China have created remarkable and interdependent relationship that has economically benefited both countries.

I aspire to one day work for the international communications department of Delta Airlines and I am looking forward to each piece of this experience lending to my success in my field of choice. From the international flight, to the cultural development, and overall communication with the administration at XMU, I will be keeping a journal of all adventures on which I will embark in hopes of inspiring other African American women from a single parent household, like myself, as well as first generation students. My ultimate desire is to be the person who made another feel like anything is possible. I am so excited to become a better journalist, public relations specialist and communicator.


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