The routine




This week things are very routine. I went to class tuesday and thursday, where thursday would be our last scheduled class meeting so it was kind of emotional saying good bye to all the students I had made friends with was the hard but we were all happy to not have classes any more.

Monday, We went shopping again this week and ate at Pizza Hut, which to our surprise was a sit down resturant. We also had the opportunity to view property solicited by Xiamen Daily , for my internship. The location is for families that need to relocate and have a higher income than most. We had a chance to take pictures for Xiamen Daily and the best would be published in the paper.

Tuesday, We also got to meet our host families. My roommate and I had the best host family ever! We ate a home cooked meal that tasted amazing. The girls who hosted us are high school seniors who just recently got accepted into the top two universities in China, Peking and Beijing University.

Our conversation lasted for hours and we even got to do some calligraphy with their family. I was starting to feel like I really “go” here.

Wednesday, we visited the historical Hakka Houses over 300 years old and very impressive. The buildings were used to house over 600 people in times of invasion.

Thursday since it was our last day of class we worked on our final assignments which basically told our story of what we had learned from the entire experience.

Friday we took a ferry to the historic Piano Island where we climbed to the highest point of on the island where we could see the entire island as well as Xiamen! It was so beautiful.

We were able to take the bus to where ever we wanted to go. We had made friends and were going on outings to different malls, clubs, and even bars. I finnaly got into the swing of things.