Xiamen students and a Night on the Town




In class yesterday we talked about how different countries can report on the same suject but can give two different focuses in the stories. We compared China Daily to the New York Times and I was very interested in the effect word usage can be when reporting on a serious global issue such as air pollution. We also talked in detail about the financial crisis of Greece and discussed what that means for the rest of the world. The conversation, in my opinion, was very healthy.

I couldnt help but notice, once again, the American students had much more to say on the subjects than the Chinese students. I believe they are very smart just less vocal, because of this I attempted to say less which may allow more communication from other students. I was wrong. Regardless of the silence there wasw still little to no response from the Chinese students.

Since it is Friday we decided it is only right we take some time to get to know the other students outside of the classroom. We made plans to go to a shopping strip downtown Xiamen- Siming South Rode, known my locals as “Gung shan lou”.

We met up with some of our classmates and took the bus a few stops. When we arrived we knew we would be spending some money here! We got off the over crowded bus and looked around. They had EVERYTHING here ! Most of the laarger stores like H&M and Calvin Klein as well as some Japanese and Chinese stores, lined the street.

I looked up to see a extra large billboard with a shirtless Justin Bieber. I had to tap my roomate Kristal, whos attention was on H&M, her favorite store, and point it out to her. I said, “Girl, Bieber is EVERYWHERE! Thats how you know you made it!” She laughed as she snapped pictures and signaled the rest of the group to comment on how “Fine” he looked.

I spent alot of time and money on that road and from what our classmates said we had only got to see less than half of what the strip had to offer. The great news is we had found a stop to come whenever we got bored and wanted to get away from all the tours, classes, and musuem.