Finals Are Over!

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The most difficult semester of my life is over. I completed 17 credits at a SKY university. My grades were not all A’s this semester but I still feel good because I did my best. Perhaps I studied 33+ hours in order to prepare for 6 exams. (Any class that I get C average will be retaken in the spring!) Korea University’s winter is 2 months. Spring classes will begin around March 1st. Until then I will stay warm in my dormitory in addition to taking supplementary Korean language classes.

I have not yet had a chance to rest. Following the exam week is a farewell period. Some of my friends were, “One semester wonders.” Meaning that they did visiting program for the fall only. Other friends are going to different parts of Korea or China to visit family. Today I ate more than I should have. If you have friends in Korea, you eat with them often. Sometimes you want to be only or just rest, but turning down an invitation to eat together makes the friend sad. Most of them I will not see again until after vacation ends. Therefore eat up! photo_0 photo_1