Breathless… LITERALLY

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A view close to the rainbow mountain.

A couple days ago I decided to take a trip/tour towards the “Rainbow Mountain”.  This trip was to take my mind off of everything happening around me and just see nature.  But what I didn’t realize sooner was the mission that comes with the trip.  I had a difficult time the whole day, and it was all my fault.  To be honest, it was a beautiful view but, at the same time the trip destroyed me.  I’m going to talk about from when the day started up until it ended.

I started the day off waking up at 3am, and the early morning cold was very intense.  I didn’t have the clothing prepared for the cold weather, I thought it was going to be cold but not freezing.  I got on the bus that was going to take me to the mountain, it picked up about 10 more people and we set off.  The first stop was a town close to the mountain and the weather there was even worse.  The cold became unbearable and I had to buy some extra clothing from the people to warm myself.  They gave us breakfast and then we set off towards the mountain.  We arrived around 8:00am at the mountain and that is where things got intense.

At the mountain we were set to walk 2 hours, around 45 min of field and the other 1hr 15min. trekking uphill.  I was feeling confident but a bit woozy from being so high up.  The journey up had finally commenced and I felt spectacular starting the walk.  All of that emotion died as soon as I started walking uphill, and it felt like I was going to die.  I constantly felt out of breath and needed to stop and try to breathe correctly or relieve the pain in my legs.  I felt horrible and I wasn’t going to make it up, so I went and rented a horse.  The horse was my only option because trekking uphill was not ever going to be possible the way I felt.

As I made my way up upon the horseback, the cold wind kept hitting me in different areas and giving me chills.  My scarf kept falling off my face and the wind attacking me almost made me fall off the horse.  At one point at the mountain, the horse cannot go any higher and I had to walk the rest up.  This made me feel even worse being so high up, I felt like I was going to throw up and then pass out.  I took my time slowly trekking up and before I knew it I had made it to the checkpoint.  I had to sit down at the top because my body couldn’t stand itself anymore.

Then the journey back down took place and the temperature seemed to have gotten even colder.  I made it back down in one piece, but the ride back home gave me nausea.  I ended up throwing up as soon as I got off the bus, but non the less the mountain was beautiful.  Breathing literally and figuratively.