5 Must Haves in Seoul

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T money (티머니 카드tee-meo-nee ka-deu)

In Seoul, we use T Money cards for transportation. Tap on. Tap off. It’s as easy as that. It can also be used for any fancy bus, train, and subway. You can even use T Money in convenience stores to buy items.

Smart phone (íœ´ëŒ€í° hyoo-dae-pohn)

Everyone pretty much has some model of a Samsung smart device or an iPhone. Smart phones are just super convenient multi functional devices that make lives easier. They’re helpful for looking up Korean phrases, finding maps, and contacting friends to meet up. A smart phone is a must have.

Umbrella (ìš°ì‚° oo-san)

Apparently monsoon season is in July, but there’s already rainy weather. Obviously, an umbrella is an item everybody in Seoul carries with them. Haven’t see rain ponchos yet.

Credit card (í¬ë ˆë””트 ì¹´ë“œ keu-rae-dee ka-deu)

I’ve seen many people on the streets with just their smart phone and their credit card tucked into the case. That’s what I call traveling light. Many credit cards here double as a T Money card. This makes things even more convenient because they never need to recharge their card with cash.

Good shoes (êµ¬ë‘ goo-doo)

Last but not least, everyone needs good shoes. Whether they are sneakers, slippers, sandals or heels, they need to be durable. My daily commute is uphill going school and uphill going home. I live in Gwanak gu (sub division of Seoul) and it is famous for it’s mountain Gwanaksan. The topography here is very hilly. Anywhere I go is uphill with flights of stairs to accompany it. Whatever people wear on their feet, it just needs to be durable.