Thoughts of Planting




Mind racing about the future while still unsettled in the present. That is what my state of mind was on my last day in Maryland. What on earth possessed me to walk in my study abroad office nine months ago? Why did I pick a spanish speaking country, why travel on the unbeaten path? All these questions presented themselves to me then I realized “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and he delighteth in his way” (Psalms 37:23). As I watched the last hours of my day go by I truly felt blessed to know that so many people are in my corner encouraging me to succeed. There is no explaining the feeling that I have right now, but I know when one is about to do something great it never really feels comfortable. Thats usually the case when a person grows they experience growing pains and for a plant to experience its full potential and blossom it must go through the process of being rooted and breaking ground. I thank The Lord for this opportunity. Knowing while these four months in Costa Rica might have some challenges and difficulties I know  He has a plan and that “All things work for the good of those who love the LORD.” I truly look forward to all the things the Lord has in store for me on this trip.So as I sit in Miami’s airport and hear spanish over the intercom I realize that adaptation will be key for these next four months. While arriving at Dulles airport to check my bags my mother and I were faced with this dilemma either pay $150 to check a third bag or just try to redistribute some luggage because one of my suitcases were overweight. So to make a long story short I was granted favor and one of the airport employees helped us until both my bags were okay weight wise. I learned its not what life gives you but how you view what you’ve been given. I hope whoever reads this blog not only gains insight into my journey abroad but also is blessed through my struggles and victories. As I prepare to take off from Miami to Costa Rica I’ll end by saying Pura Vida and may God continue to bless you as he has blessed me.