Hello, my name is Zachary Phillip Tanner. I am a junior Political Science student at North Carolina A&T State University. I never thought I would study abroad; I was under the impression that anywhere other than America had nothing to offer me. I grew up in Washington D.C and the rising Hispanic population always caught my attention. Realizing that this isn’t a black and white world but a world filled with different kinds of people and culture, I came to the realization that the world outside of America did have something to offer something America couldn’t. I choose to study abroad in Costa Rica because I wanted to go to Latin America and experience the “Pura Vida” life style. I also want to graduate from College fluent in Spanish; being immersed in the Costa Rican environment and culture will surely help my development. After I graduate from college I plan to give back by applying for a teaching position with Teach for America. I want to be an example to my peers and other young adults; showing them that stepping outside the box is extremely cool and being linguistically diverse is possible and rewarding. Studying abroad will give me the opportunity to have that connection with Hispanic students because I will know their native language and I will have experienced a part of their culture. I will be a role model to kids because they will see through me anything is possible. I’m just achieving my goals as they come.

Journal entries by Zachary