The work is beginning to pile up






The third week of classes have come to a close. Orientation week is just a memory. Today is time to study and to learn. Running on Vietnamese coffee, I trudge my way through an 8 hour school day. Afterwards, it is time for 2 or 3 hours of homework. This may not sound like fun, but this routine satisfies me. If I played around or took easy classes, I would not be fully optimizing the resources that got me here.
Despite not having much free time, I did manage to meet one of my Korean classmates for dinner late at night. He happily explained his opinions on Korean politics and religion, in addition to his difficulties with women. It was refreshing to hear his unusual perspective. While some exchange students tend to cluster together, I am happy to immense myself with the native people. I believe by doing so, I can maximize my utility gained from studying here.
Did I mention I will go to a friend’s wedding in October? My friend is the bride. We have been friends for 5 years. That may not sound like a long time, but that is about 25% of the years that I have lived. It is a little disappointing that my companion is growing up and moving onto her next stage of her life, while I stay in college. Oh well. This week she happily sent me pictures of her hanbok, which is Korean tradition dress. Stay tuned for details about the wedding as they unfold. Time for me to dive into my Beginner’s Korean studying, and my Managerial Accounting homework.