Shanghai University Dorm






Prior to departing for this semester abroad I searched for any information I could find regarding the dorms at Shanghai University. To my dismay I found very little information available aside from a few pictures on USAC’s website. What I did find was the website for Shanghai University which shows many pictures of the Baoshan campus. After arriving here in Shanghai I quickly realized that is not the campus for international students. The campus I live on is Yanchang campus, quite a ways away from the Baoshan campus and their amenities (no gym on this campus).

This campus is quite old and desperately in need of renovation. I live in the single dorms, the conditions in double dorms is very similar except they have shared bathrooms (sinks, toilets and showers) and no kitchen available. Here in the single dorms each floor has a shared kitchen. I’ve attached a link to my video which shows my room here in the single dorms at Yanchang campus.

The first week was a bit of an adjustment, because of the cold weather the campus had issues with the pipes and we were without hot water for about a week in the single dorms. I also learned very quickly that mold here is common and apparently completely acceptable to the staff and locals. That first week I seriously debated whether I made the right decision choosing this program. After a long talk with the advisor here who helped me choose a room with the least amount of mold, this is my honest opinion of this campus:

  1. The campus is old, it needs renovation and mold is prevalent.
  2. Forget about all your comforts of home, this is China.
  3. After you depart your program advisors will no longer be able to assist with housing concerns, you will be directed to the onsite staff.

I want to give you an honest opinion so you are not surprised when you get here like some of us were. However, with all that considered I would not change my decision to come here. The teachers are wonderful and I’ve met so many great people!

Now that we’ve covered that, please see my other blogs regarding all the wonderful things this Country has to offer.

-Nicole 吴赛宁