Leaving Menton and Traveling to Delft





Grab a bus from the Gare Routierre in Menton to Nice. I think that means Gate Route or something like that. Drive through Monaco once again. I did visit Monaco but I didn’t get a good impression and won’t write about my experience there. If you are interested on what happened just message me. I arrive at the Nice Aeroport for a direct flight to Amsterdam.

It was a rather quick flight and I arrive around 9:00pm. I am meeting up with about half of the other students on the program next morning to take the same train to Delft. This means I need to find a place. I was told there was a cheap hotel nearby and that it was relatively cheap. I grab a bite to eat and then I walked to the hotel. It is ~500 meters from the airport. A nice man greets me and I tell him that I would like a room. He sadly informs me that they are all booked up. He notice that I look a bit distress hearing this and ask how long I was planning on staying. I tell him that I will only stay for about 6 hours seeing as how it was midnight and their flight comes in around 7am. He says that if I grab a beer there is a part of the lobby that is always empty and I can take as long as I want to drink it. I pick up on what he says and order a beer. 

For 6 euros, I spent the night in a hotel lobby. Taking naps in thirty minute intervals to provide make it seem as if I was I was a guest. Towards 4am I say “What the heck, worst they can do is kick me out” and lay down on the couch. Fall asleep for 3 hours. As I’m about to leave a manager approaches me and informs me that I cannot stay there. I told him I was aware and that I just was finishing my beer. As he walks away I finish the old flat beer in the glass to keep up the image. It was bad but not that bad. I grab my stuff and head to the airport. I am ready to go to delft.

I wait for them at their terminal. They arrive and we take a quick 30min train to our small city.