Hello, I am Eder Medina. I am a freshmen studying civil engineering at the University of Texas. I am also a project lead for the UT chapter of Engineers for a Sustainable World where I, and a few peers are building a solar powered LED light to replace kerosene lamps in developing nations. I am an incredibly energetic person and even though most of my energy is focused on school work, every now and then when there is time I enjoy working out and listening to all kinds of music. In the future I plan not only being a civil engineer but I will also be the co-owner of a coffee shop with a few other engineering friends-we are calling it “The Frothy Badger.” I’ve learned that one cannot be an engineer without drinking coffee. However, while traveling abroad I will focus less on coffee making and more on engineering.

This summer I will be studying at the Middle East Technical University, in Ankara Turkey. There, I will learn how to reverse engineer a Concentrated Solar Power System and understand why current CSP systems are currently ineffective. Alongside the engineering course, I will be taking an introductory course on Turkish Language and Culture. Oh and I hear that Turkish coffee is amazing! As a result I know that this will be one of the greatest summers.

Journal entries by Eder

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