Interning at Connemara Community Radio





Hello Friends!

Today I’m excited to tell you about my experiences as a radio intern during my study abroad program in Ireland!

As a participant of this program, I have the opportunity to intern in the Connemara region with local businesses. I was selected to intern at Connemara Community Radio Station, in Letterfrack, Ireland.

Being able to work in a local business two days every week gave me the opportunity to really immerse myself in the professional side of Irish culture. One thing I learned while interesting at the station was how the Irish tend to favor creativity and quality of work over speed and quantity.

I remember on my first day I took a 20 minute lunch break, and when I came back to the station. My supervisor looked at me in shock, and said she wants me to take an hour lunch break every time I work! She even took her break with me so we could chat and on my last day took me out to lunch at the local mountain cafe.

I think there is a better life/work balance in Ireland. The Irish tend to value personal wellbeing over rushing to complete a project. Also, the workplace is community driven, but with the freedom to work independently. This allowed me to never be ashamed to ask questions to my supervisors, and gave me so many more opportunities to learn. I would often just ask what a person was up to, and they would excitedly launch into telling me all about what they were working on!

My supervisor was always excited when I pitched my radio program ideas to her, she would allow me to take longer on certain more creative projects and would offer to help me in any way if I liked. I truly felt like I had the freedom to put forth my best and most creative work in my internship.

Having this opportunity to understand Irish culture in the workplace has been one of my favorite experiences of my semester studying abroad!

Here is a picture of me in the studio at CCR, and a picture of me, my internship partner, and my radio supervisor on my birthday! (My supervisor surprised me with a cake!)

Until next time friends,

Maybe take a listen to your local community radio!