Chasing Daylight


Hey everyone. It’s about 5:30am right now in Toyko. I had one hell of a day yesterday. I am loving Japan so much already, but the trip here was something I’ll never forget. I was amazed as I flew over Russia and northern Japan on my way here. I can’t describe it. You really have to see it for yourselves. When flying over Russia, I saw nothing but snowy mountains for miles and miles. It was gorgeous. I have pictures that I will post of that image laster today possibly.

However, the reason for this article is to explain the time shift and the inevitable jet lag that ensued.

When I tell you….I took off from Newark at 11am…and 14 hours later…the sun was still in the sky….and didn’t go away for about another 4 hours. It was in my window the entire flight…and I just have to say…if the sun didn’t set every day, I think we would all be dead… when I got off the plane, my head was spinning. I had a headache. If I talked louder than a whisper, my ears rang. My balance was gone. I’m sure it was because of the time lapse and lack of sleep, because I took an Advil and a nap on the train on the way to meet my host family and I felt fine afterward.

As I traveled from Narita airport to Shinjuku Station to Tanashi Station in Nishitokyo, I was amazed at how small and compact everything is. This is truly a “My Size” city. lol. My host family is amazing. I’m having so much fun TRYING to communicate with them. lol. Their home is just adorable and I want a house like this for sure. I’m not going to go into detail about the house, I’ll just post pictures because there is just so much to see. My bedroom is so comfortable, too.

Well, I’m going to start studying a bit for my placement exam today. I will post pictures as soon as I can. I’m off to explore.