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Italy (Summer)

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HELLO! My name is Victoria Kappel and I am in my fourth year at the University of Oklahoma. I have had quite the journey throughout my college experience, as I have attended two other colleges to play collegiate volleyball. I started my college career at Seminole State, transferred to the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith, and now I am attending OU, where I have fully committed myself to my major in Microbiology. As a Pre-PA student, I devote much of my time to the rigorous coursework prerequisites, but my other love is to learn and educate others about feminism and cultural differences. I come from a very diverse family, and even though I may not look the part, my parents are from Hispanic and Native American descent. I can definitely say I have had to overcome challenges to get to where I am today. As a first generation and self-sufficient college student, I never imagined study abroad to be an option for me. My study abroad trip to Arezzo, Italy is important to me to inspire other students to achieve what they may feel is out of their reach. I want to empower young students and be an example that no matter where you come from, or how much money you have, there is always a way. Through hard work and dedication, anything is possible. This opportunity will be a completely life-changing experience for me, and will continue to shape me as a student and person as a whole.

My chosen destination is Arezzo, Italy. In Italy, I will be taking two upper-division science courses, which include Immunology and Pathogenic Microbiology. With Italy’s rich history, our class will have the chance to cross history and science through research into events such as The Plague. Not only will this experience educate me on coursework, a new language, and the history of Italy, but it will affect me on a personal level as well. This life-changing experience will continue to shape me into the woman I am to become and empower me to achieve the unthinkable.

“Your aspirations are your possibilities.”


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