Ciao! Arezzo, here I come!


The last few days have gone by so quickly. I am taking all of this glory in and appreciating every single moment. I am so grateful for the study abroad program at OU because of all the precise planning for such a large group. From the Trevi Fountain to the Colesseum to the Vatican and the Spanish steps; we have seen all of Rome. In all, there are 24 of us. We are made up of mostly Microbiology majors with Pre-Health career tracks. Everyone is unique in his or her own way and everyone has a different narrative. I have gotten to know a few people and have even connected with them as well. I did not really know anyone too well from the beginning. Yes, I recognized some faces from around campus, but I felt very out of place to be honest. Luckily, everyone has been super friendly and open.

Our next stop is Arezzo, where we will spend the next 4-weeks living and breathing Italy! Also, we are taking two rigorous Microbiology courses. The professors keep telling us of the small town feel and the fact that people are much nicer than the ones in Rome (many unfriendly people in Rome). I cannot wait to see what Arezzo has to offer. I have a picture in my mind of a quaint town, where everyone knows everyone. It’s a beautiful thing to imagine. I cannot help but imagine making connections with the people in the town and hopefully some lasting friendships. Italy has been quite good to me so far. The food has been phenomenal, although I feel like I will be on an all carb diet it seems (haha). That is just fine with me, though. Bread, pasta, cheese are two things I could never get tired of.  Arezzo will be my new home and I am more than excited to see what adventures await me. Wish me luck!