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2022 Spring

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Hamilton College

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“Hello” in your host country’s language: Bonjour!
Home Institution (your U.S. University/College): Hamilton College
Expected graduation year: 2023
Destination city & country: Paris, France
Program provider: Hamilton in France Program
Major/minor:World Politics / French & Hispanic Studies
Demographics: Hispanic-American, First-Generation American
Future career aspirations: My future career goals include working in the diplomatic and government affairs sector, where I plan to utilize and expand my linguistic abilities. More specifically, I hope to work at, and potentially lead, an international organization or corporate entity that focuses on solving complex issues and relaying bipartisan solutions to a broader audience, whether that is government, corporate clients, or the media audience.
Top 3 goals for your time abroad: My top three goals once I go abroad are to 1) become fluent in French, 2) meet the US ambassador to France, and 3) learn how to cook French cuisine! Above all, I am looking forward to making great friends and having fun!


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