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Japan (Summer) | *Rainbow Scholarship

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*Rainbow Scholarship

Hello! My name is Michael McLeod and I am a second-year Computer Engineering Technology student at The Rochester Institute of Technology. Before I came to Rochester, I lived in Punta Gorda, Florida with both my parents and older sister. From time to time I enjoy cooking or baking if we have the right ingredients at home. I don’t make anything special, but it does warm my heart when I can satisfy someone’s hunger. I love to be in the company of my friends especially when we’re engaged in an activity. For example, this school year I grew fond of playing mahjong at the club at RIT.
I’ve always been interested in how Japanese culture varies throughout the culture, so I wanted to learn the language as soon as I started college. Now, I have been studying Japanese for the past year and a half as my liberal arts concentration, but after hearing about the study abroad program associated with the sequences of classes, from beginner to intermediate, I decided to work on a minor in Japanese Language and Culture. So, this summer I will be going to Kyoto, Japan to study abroad at Doshisha University. There, we will be studying intermediate Japanese, and have a culture class which will include trips to Tokyo, Nara, and possibly Osaka. While in Kyoto, we will be participating in language exchanges with students from the school, so I am looking forward to improving my speaking. Additionally, there will be a one week homestay with a local family.
Since I am looking into specializing in telecommunications, I am looking for a better global perspective. This way I would be a more marketable employee for international business whether it is for microelectronic design and development or network management.


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