My First Week In Japan




Hi reader(s)!

On Sunday morning, Japan time, I landed at the Osaka/Kansai Airport. After being pleased with myself by successfully ordering McDonald’s in Japanese, I caught the Haruka Express train to Kyoto Station to meet my Sensei and the rest of the students coming on the trip. As the train made its way through the city-scape, I was captivated by the combination of old-style homes, newer houses and apartment complexes, and patches of land used to grow vegetables, more specifically rice. Photos I included are from the city I am living in, Kyoutanabe City, where there is a similar concept.

Although I am in Kyoto Prefecture, in actuality, I am living in Kyoutanabe-shi (city) at the Tatara Campus of Doshisha University. Kyoutanabe Campus, where I will be taking classes is on a hill opposite to Tatara Campus. I had expected the Japanese people to be a bit more reserved, but they are all very friendly and kind. It has been fun meeting different students on campus who are learning English for various reasons.

During the last few days, on our early commute to school, I realized that the water tastes the same as the plants smell. This was such a great feeling of unfamiliarity to me, because it meant I was somewhere new. I am very excited to explore the surrounding area, and for the upcoming trips we have planned. Hopefully I will be able to get some of my own travel intentions done as well.

Talk to you all next time and thanks for reading,

-Michael S. McLeod