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Max Meyer


New Mexico State University

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Sweden (Fall)

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Hello. My name is Max Meyer. I am receiving a double major in Agricultural Extension Education and Agriculture and Community Development at New Mexico State University.

I have always been passionate about learning from different cultures. In my opinion, a wide range of perspectives gives us the ability to solve problems and to see issues from other points of view. I want to teach sustainable farming methods to children and adults. As climates continue to change, it is important to look at these issues from a variety of perspectives. Studying abroad will expose me to unique perspectives and will help me practice communicating across cultural barriers.

I am excited to study abroad at Linnaeus University in Växjö, Sweden. I will be there for one semester in the fall of 2015. Växjö is a city of lakes – the area is abounding in natural beauty, and I am thrilled to walk in the wilderness in my free time. Its strategic location gives Växjö many natural resources to use for its biomass program. I want to learn how Växjö developed to be the most sustainable city in Europe, so I can apply these practices to community development at home. I am eager to teach the lessons I learn abroad to students and faculty in the agricultural college in New Mexico.


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