Sick and Away from Home








This has been a rough week. Last week I had a minor cold, and this week I got a seemingly totally different, really severe cold back-to-back with my previous cold. This cold has really knocked me off of my feet. I have barely moved from my bed in three days.

Being sick is one of those awful hassles of adulthood, When you are an adult, you have to go buy your own cold medicine. No one is standing over you making sure you stay hydrated. You still have to cook your own meals, and when you run out of food, you have to go grocery shopping. No more fun days watching cartoons because missing school is one of the most stressful fates that could happen to you as a college student.


the super blood moon as it was rising

All of this is magnified by being abroad. In Sweden, you can’t buy cold medicine at the grocery store or the gas station. You have to go to the pharmacy and speak to the pharmacist who will evaluate your needs and suggest a medication. The medications are unfamiliar and I can’t read the packaging. One cool thing is the medication packages have Braille on them.

Even at my home university, I longed for my mom to make me soup and to comfort me when I was sick. Here I feel even more alone. This week has been filled with homesickness. I long for familiar soups and comfort food. I long for the comfort of my family and friends back home. I have been quarantined in my room for three days while my roommates laugh out in the living room and go on adventures.





I really want to go down to the lakes and take pictures of the trees in all their autumnal glory, but since I am stuck in this room desperately trying to make up the reading for my class, I will show you the best pictures I have taken from my bedroom window.