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Louis Chavez


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Ecuador (Fall)

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Hi, my name is Louis Chavez. I am currently a freshman studying Biochemistry and Spanish at the University of Arizona. If there was one activity that I couldn’t live without, it would be running. It keeps me healthy, energized, and most importantly, happy; I hope there are races in South America for me to compete in! I am outgoing and approachable, and am hoping that this will contribute to making my studying abroad an unforgettable blur of amazing experiences. I am the youngest in my family, and I will be my family’s first generation study abroad student. I am an interesting combination of ethnicities– I am one half Mexican and one half Chinese. My multi-heritage background has exposed me to two completely different sets of customs and traditions. I have always been fascinated by learning about cultures aside from my own, and I cannot express the sheer happiness that I have attained from being given the opportunity to study abroad. I have always had an unfathomable desire to live in a rural area and be exposed to a seemingly otherworldly lifestyle, and I plan to achieve this immersion in Ecuador in Fall of 2012!


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