Dinner para Thr3e!






Tonight I decided to do something fun for my family. They’re always telling me that they love Chinese food, and they’ve even taken me to a few Chinese restaurants in Quito. I liked the Chinese food here in Ecuador (probably because I missed eating it so much because I used to eat it at least 3 times a week back at home), but the Chinese food here wasn’t cutting it for me… or rather, it wasn’t authentic enough to satiate my demanding Asian palate. 

So I cooked Chinese food for my family! It was actually a lot of fun– a good bonding experience with my host brother! I mean… it was partially a disaster (explained in my last paragraph), but cooking with him and my host Mama was such a great time!

Here was the menu: Beef fried rice, green been stir fry, and teriyaki fish (ok so the last one isn’t exactly “Chinese” but my family still loved it and it’s my favorite dish that my Gramma makes back home so I had to try to replicate it for them.) Granted my mom had about 0 of the ingredients to make these Asian dishes, we had to make a special trip to the store. Wooow. Going to the store really tested my Spanish-food vocabulary… I never even realized I didn’t know the word for “peas” in Spanish… not a word I use very often in Spanish back home, I guess. 

Anyway, they loved it! And I’m glad they loved it… because I wasn’t too sure what I was doing while I was cooking. I usually only watch my Gramma make the food… But luckily, the food turned out great! Also, it was really great on my part to be able to have some yummy “home-cooking”… I haven’t tasted food like that in over a month. 

I took some pictures while I was cooking, I’ll post them. This was kind of a short post… just a fun little weekday activity I did with my family, definitely worth blogging about.

P.S. On a final note… I don’t know why I’m the only one that got sick… but IRONICALLY, I got sick from my own cooking. It’s ironic because I was so worried about getting sick from eating Ecuadorian food while I’m here (which still hasn’t happened), but the one night that I cook, I get sick the next day. Man.