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Scholarship Year:

2023 Spring

Lolarose Deforges


Florida Gulf Coast University

Studying In:

Spain | *CEA Access Partner Scholarship

More About This Scholar

Home Institution: Florida Gulf Coast University
Expected Graduation Year: 2024
Academic Major / Minor: Sociology / Spanish & Global Studies
Destination: Seville, Spain
“Hello” in your host country’s language: Hola
Program Provider: CEA
Demographics: First-Generation College Student
Future Career Goals: I would like to work with Non-Profits at an international level that focus on humanitarian action. Hopefully being able to work both behind the scenes through project management, and on the field leading projects but also working on them with a team in order to help people in need around the world.
Top Three Study Abroad Goals: Become fluent in Spanish after studying it for a few years; Meet new people and have a ton of new experiences, push myself outside of my comfort zone; Be successful in my Internship abroad and gain useful skills and knowledge for the future.


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