Solo traveling for the first time!






Solo traveling was always something I knew I wanted to do someday, all my social media feed was filled with others who shared experiences, tips, and advice from their own solo adventures. I watched all these videos not knowing if I would ever really get to experience this for myself, I knew it was physically possible to do but I didn’t know if I could really do it even though I knew deep down that I really wanted to!

When I arrived to spain and started planning all my trips for the semester, I thought about planning a solo trip, but I wasn’t sure I could do it. I told myself “I don’t know if i’m ready yet, I’ll do it one day but maybe just not this semester” which would’ve been completely reasonable if I really felt this way… But what I was actually doing was creating excuses because I was afraid to take that step outside of my comfort zone.

Half way through my semester abroad I realized I had a free week where I could take a trip somewhere. I tried to see if any of my friends were free but no one was available, I almost let that stop me from going on a trip at all… While looking at flights one evening just “for fun” (as study abroad students do), I came across a cheap ticket to Rome, a city that I have always wanted to see! The next thing I know, I was looking at accommodation and activities and I had a whole trip planned out within a few hours… but, I still didn’t know if I was “ready” to go on this solo adventure.

I put the idea behind me for a little bit, I convinced myself it wasn’t the time and that I can find a different trip or do something else with my free week, but the idea was always on the back of my mind… And then one day, I’m not exactly sure what changed my mind, but I decided that I was gonna go for it and I am so so so glad that I did.

I ended up going to Italy for 6 days! I flew into Rome for 3 days and then took a train to Naples for three days, and on one of those days I took a trip to Pompeii and Sorrento. I stayed in Hostels, one was an all female dorm and one was a mixed dorm, and I met soooooo many people.

Before leaving of course I was nervous, but I was also so excited not to just see Italy but to also push myself outside of my comfort zone because I knew I was gonna grow. I told myself that the worst thing that could happen was that I learn that I don’t enjoy solo traveling, but at least I would be able to say that I did it and tried. However, I was worried for nothing because I probably had one of the best weeks of my life!

I enjoyed every single moment that I was there. I was able to do whatever I wanted to do, see whatever I wanted to see, and spend my time the way I wanted to. I also tend to be more on the introverted side so sometimes I struggle or get anxious talking to people, so on this trip I tried extra hard to talk to at least one new person a day. I ended up going on walking tours with a few of my hostel mates or getting dinner with them. I always talked to my tour guides, and I would ask the hostel reception people for recommendations on places to eat. These small things helped me feel less alone. Cause although you’re solo traveling you’re not always doing things solo and I think that is the beauty of it.

I am a true believer that life is too short! I want to experience it as much as I can and that means pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. I didn’t have anyone to travel with so I did it by myself and enjoyed my own company and had an amazing time! I wanna see the world and continue having experiences like I did! It sounds a little cliche but I do feel like this trip changed my life in some ways. This trip was just the start of many more solo trips to come for me, And to think that it almost didn’t happen because of some silly little thoughts in the back of my head :)

If you are thinking about solo traveling and have any hesitations about anything this is your sign to go for it! Live the experiences you wanna live, and create the life you wanna be living!