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Spain (Summer) | *Artigas-Etchagaray Scholarship

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“Hello” in your host country’s language: Hola!
Home Institution (your U.S. University/College): Georgetown University
Expected graduation year: 2023
Destination city & country: Barcelona, Spain
Program provider: Georgetown University
Major/minor: Marketing & OPIM (Operations and Information Management) with minor in Entrepreneurship
Demographics: Hispanic, Non-Traditional student, First Gen, Peruvian-American
Future career aspirations: As a social activist with an entrepreneur mindset, I have many aspirations in life. I would like to work in the international development sector to reduce global poverty. Further in the future, I have a great commitment and dream of someday being a global enterprising woman and use business as a tool to create a better world. Indeed, I visualize myself as a person who will empower the powerless and reduce the barriers of inequality by creating a foundation that encourages STEM education to support low-income children, so that they can access quality education. I hope that the less favored children can grow up with a dream and know that people like me support their intellectual and personal development. I also believe that a cumulation of high-quality education, and activities will provide me with the optimal learning experience to make me eligible to succeed in my career goals.
Top 3 goals for your time abroad:
1.-I would like to have a transformation in my personal and professional life by experiencing a different academic environment, gaining a global perspective, and challenging my own cultural frame.

2.-My main goal is acquiring the fundamentals to understand marketing strategies and their impact on the company’s performance, and how organizations operate, and determine the major opportunities and problems facing the organization accordingly.

3.-I would like to immerse myself in this beautiful culture and learn more about its rich history, art, food, and social norms.


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