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Diana Inguito


Pepperdine University

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Argentina (Fall) | *Jane Gluckmann and Carol Rausch Go Global Scholarship

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Hola! Me llamo Diana Inguito!
I am a Sophomore at Pepperdine University majoring in International Business and minoring in Applied Mathematics. I am a blend of two cultures- Filipino and American- and hopefully, I will be able to add Argentine on the list. I was born in the Philippines and lived there for six years. Then, my mom decided to move to the United States in hopes of attaining a better life for our family. Because of this, I remain sensitive to the struggles of people who continuously choose to get back up when social norms shove them down for being different.

Under the Jane Gluckmann & Carol Rausch Go Global Scholarship, I will be studying abroad with Pepperdine University in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This city is known as the Paris of South America because of the fashion trends, sidewalk cafes, and the hint of french accent when Argentine speak Spanish. I will be there for the fall semester, and I hope to learn about their agro-ecology, history, and the attitude of their people. I am beyond excited to experience tremendous professional and personal growth.


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