Fox Village

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Last post I talked about my trip to Cat Island. What I didn’t mention is that during that trip I also went to Zao Fox Village. It is exactly what it sounds like–a magical place filled with cute, adorable foxes.

There were some foxes in separate cages, but there was also a huge enclosure with over 100 foxes. I was allowed to go inside. Once inside they tell you to show dominance so the foxes don’t bite or pee on you. I was fine, luckily! I was able to feed the foxes, and even hold one. It was so soft!

I wasn’t so keen on the foxes being stuck in cages. Although I was happy to see that most of them could run around in the large enclosure. They seemed to be very well taken care of, which made my animal lover heart smile!

Needless to say, I now know what the fox says!