And So Begins Spring Break

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Hello FEA!!

I’m not sure about everyone else around the world but I’ve just recently started my spring break! The entire time I’ve been in Japan I haven’t gotten much of a break except for a few days off for Christmas! This is the first time I’ve been given the opportunity to get away for a bit and it’s unbelievable the things I’ve experienced in only four days!

So I have travelled to Okinawa for a brief getaway, and have visited the Churaumi Aquarium, American Village, Okinawa World, and Kokusai-Dori, or the international street. I wish I could explain all of the feelings I’ve gathered while being here, from the nervousness of feeling completely lost, to the unbelievable calm I felt while staring at the ocean for the first time. It’s truly amazing what discovering a new place can feel like. While this is my first time traveling abroad, this is my first time traveling, while abroad!!

I want to go into detail about what it’s like to travel within Japan, but my trips are far from over, so I’ll save that post for another time! Until then, here are some wonderful photos of just the beginning of my spring break!!
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