Week one of Greece :)





Temple of Poseidon (taken 9/7/2018).

Week one of my semester in Athens has been unbelievable. My first outing was Monastiraki Square with my roommate. This market was filled with so many souvenirs, clothing, alcohol, food, people. I have now made it a goal to buy a traditional Greek dress before I leave. I have also experienced the night life of Athens, in a town called Gazi, where all the major bars and clubs of the city are conveniently located. The people of Greece are so friendly and welcoming and willing to help when I am lost or do not understand. So far, they have also given us something free with every meal.

Next, a couple of us visited the Olympic Stadium, which is just across the street from my school. We also have a beautiful view of the Parthenon from campus as well. Lastly, and my most favorite, we had a class excursion to Cape Sounio and the Temple of Poseidon. The feeling of being in the presence of ancient history is like no other. It moves me. It is refreshing, relaxing, humbling, and intimidating all at once.

Classes officially begin on Monday and I am so excited, I’m most looking forward to my history class because we will be going on an excursion to an important historical site almost every class and will be tested on the information we learn there, rather than reading it from a text book. The other classes I’m taking are theology, art history, language and culture of Greece, and a study abroad seminar class focusing on the history of medicine in Greece.