Week not going as expected


Hi sorry for a late post, week 4, midterm week, was one of the most stressful periods of my scholarly career. My week started off bad as I felt overwhelmed with the workload I had. Although I have been having a lot of fun exploring Italy, exam week always has a way to crush my spirit with the amount of work I have to put out. This year was no different as I faced challenges but they were harder to deal with since I was studying abroad. One of the biggest obstacles I have come across has to be my laptop stopping to work on the week of midterms. I was already having trouble with the workload of my classes but having my laptop breakdown mid-assignment broke me down completely. I was more shocked to learn that Apple products were more expensive to fix outside of the US. Although I felt hopeless at the time I knew it is always helpful to reach out to the school hoping for some assistance with my problem. After reaching out I was informed that I could apply for programs to help replace my broken device. This took a lot of stress away but I soon realized I would not receive the help to replace my laptop until after midterms were over. Due to this I reached out to my abroad program director to see if they had any advice since I did need a laptop for one of my classes in order to work on my project for the following week. They informed me the options I had was to borrow a laptop from the department and to use the ones available after class. At the end of the day everything worked out despite my situation. Everything worked out and I was able to overcome these challenges myself. Just remember that’s even when you’re on your own abroad there is always going to be someone supporting you in some way shape or form, no matter how hard the circumstance is.In a more exciting note , although many stressful things happened the week of midterms I actually got to go to one of the places I’ve always wanted to visit since I could remember , Pompeii. Stepping out of the bus and taking in the beautiful ruins of Pompeii helped me forget all the things that were going wrong in my life. It made me appreciate the fact that I got the opportunity to come to Italy and actually have a chance to visit a place that I never imagined visiting in my near future. Seeing the ancient buildings , art, plaster bodies, pots, and even graffiti made me feel like I was in a dream , which luckily it wasn’t. Hopully things get easier and I get to visit many more places while I’m here. There are only a couple weeks left before I say goodbye to this beautiful country.