Week 1 in Seoul, South Korea





I am back with an update on my journey to Seoul, South Korea. I want to say I have made it safe and am currently quarantining.

I want to start this journal with my life since I have left the United States.

This was my very first time on a flight and I have to say I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. After flying on two different planes, I realized that I really enjoy flying, especially take off and turbulence. I know it sounds crazy, but it was really fun! On board was nice, there was amazing food and plenty of room. I tried my best to get sleep on the flight to South Korea, but it was impossible, so I just stayed awake for the 13-14 hours.

After landing I had to go through multiple lines at the airport to get ready for the quarantine process which took a long time. I had to download an app and confirm where I will be staying at during the quarantine. The app is for you to check in twice a day to see if you are experiencing any symptoms. After I got through all the lines it was finally time to head to my destination for quarantine.

After arriving at my destination, the feeling finally hit me that I was in Seoul. My first time being away from home and out of the United States. I cannot really describe the feeling, but it was amazing and shocking at the same time. The first day was a little tough because I had never experienced jet lag before, it hit me out of nowhere and I just fell asleep on my bed.

The next day I had to get COVID-19 tested as required for our quarantine. The test was the toughest test that I had ever taken. After I got back home, I studied Korean for a few hours and then ate sweet and spicy chicken that was so delicious. I had been told by many people that Korean fried chicken is really good, and I was so happy to have finally tried it.

The past few days have been very similar. I have been studying, watching Korean dramas, and talking to family and friends updating them on everything. Specifically, I have been learning must-know phrases for when I am out of quarantine. I have been watching Korean dramas with Korean subtitles and focusing on pronunciation of words which I guess also counts as studying.

I am so excited to share what is to come of my journey here in Seoul. I will be back next week with an update of my last week in quarantine!

(The picture is one I took when I was on my way to the quarantine destination)