Unfortunately, Saying Goodbye Sucks; Whether it is to Friends or Autumn Leaves





Xin chao,

Ban co khoe khong?

The autumn leaves have been such a wonderful sight for sore eyes. I can’t say how much I have been enjoying experiencing seasons in Japan during this time of my life. Looking at leaves falling as I walk to school gives me a nice break from my hectic life here. Although I enjoy the foliage and beautiful scenery, the leaf falling from the tree reminds me of endings and goodbyes.

When I got here to Japan, I came with some friends from school that I already knew and adored. I was very happy to start my time here in Japan with them. However, I quickly realized that the fact that we lived in separate dorms would entail that we were going to spend less time together. That’s when I started to hang out with my good friend in the dorm, Anna.

Anna is truly a great person. She is adventurous, and yet didn’t mind sitting inside to have a movie night. She is kind to everyone and had a great sense of humor. She would listen patiently to anyone, and always had something fun to talk about. I got to know her very well and we hung out quite a lot. In fact, all the time. I really can’t say anything bad about her!

However, life is all about those meetings and goodbyes. Anna left Japan in the middle of November, which was a pretty sad time for me. Finding good friends is hard enough, but finding true friends is rare. However, I found some comfort while walking to school through the month – looking at the leaves falling made me feel like the trees were sympathizing with my situation. It really is nice to have nature synced with your life. She is currently travelling Vietnam, and with her help I managed to write the intro for today.

I hope someone breaks my heart soon. Maybe that would mean the cold winter snow will come sprinkling down!