The True Meaning Behind the Murky Smiles.





In America, a smile is common and generally accepted. Americans are fairly open with their emotions, and thus, with their facial expressions. Smiling is applicable in America in both casual and formal situations to express happiness or respect. In America a smile can also be emitted from uncertainty and out of fear of the unknown. Now, as I maneuver my curious feet between the two cities of Seville and San Jose De La Rinconada in Spain, I have in tote with me a murky smile. This smile does not emit confidence, nor does it emit acceptance or respect. It simply means that I am reluctant and/or afraid to step out of my comfort zone. I now understand the true meaning behind the murky smiles that are released automatically as if it was instinctive. I will no longer assume that an individual emitting an unwarranted murky smile ( in place of of a hello) is afraid of me simply because they have encountered an African American person. I now know that the murky smiles are produced instinctively and arises from the uncertainty within myself; not due to the fear of others.

Below is the Monumento a Colon. It displays two columns that are connected by a caravel with a lion on top. When I look at this monument it exudes strength and courage. I will remember it as I continue my journey in Seville Spain, and I will remember to exude confidence and courage even if my surroundings appear to be unfamiliar to me.